We repair your Swatch watches!

Our Custom Swatch service

Plastic-Repair is closing business and everything is for sale, including our Branson Ultrasonic Welding Machine with stock of Gents crystals. As a collector I have had it with the company Swatch and their failing loyalty program and I can use my time and money much better. If you are interested in buying, send me an email. Customers, please do not be worried! All current repairs will be finished and all six Months warranty periods will remain valid.

Plastic-Repair has all the means to create a new Swatch. We will however not do fakes. We will take original Swatch parts and repair the Swatch to be as close to the original as we can.

Swatch on demand

Besides this repair service we also offer another very interesting service: Swatch On Demand! Using original Swatch parts we can create a Swatch with a dial of our or your design. Either you or we should hold copyright on the design used or there should be no copyright on it at all. If you qualify for this we can create your Swatch especially for you! Just send in your 600 dpi photo or bitmap or ask us to make the design. Also we can send you some dials to paint on. Furthermore your dial can be pad printed and we also use EgoLogo to create the sharpest dials and logo's ever. The possibilities are endless! Feel free to contact us.

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