We repair your Swatch watches!

Our warranty

Plastic-Repair is closing business and everything is for sale, including our Branson Ultrasonic Welding Machine with stock of Gents crystals. As a collector I have had it with the company Swatch and their failing loyalty program and I can use my time and money much better. If you are interested in buying, send me an email. Customers, please do not be worried! All current repairs will be finished and all six Months warranty periods will remain valid.

Plastic-Repair guarantees to fix your Swatch as offered. You need to decide at the price we quote in advance. Plastic-Repair will never increase the price for whatever reason nor will we return the work to you without everything done to it we promised. If we cannot complete the work for you by whatever reason you will get a refund for your costs and we will also pay the return costs for your items. During its stay in our workshops your item is insured for the market value. All work will be done in the quality that's our standard. Your Swatch is warranted to work after repair. Should it stop functioning within six months please return it to us and we will take care of it free of charge.

Please take notice of the risk charge when sending in Swatches with a value of over € 100, this charge must be paid in order to be entitled to these rights.

Unless clearly offered Plastic-Repair have the right not to repair a Swatch but to replace it by a new one if this is more economical.

Legal statement

Plastic-Repair is in no way affiliated to Swatch. We are an independant company specialized in the repairs of Swatch watches. We are the world's first and only company who can do this. Your Swatch is in safe hands with us. Even Swatch themselves do not repair Swatches. It is fully legal to repair watches of any brand.

We do not create new Swatches nor do we make any Swatch components. If we replace parts we use original Swatch parts to do so. We only replace parts by just the same parts in order not to create new Swatches which would be illegal. We don't do fakes.

It is illegal to sell a Swatch which we repaired as a new one. In the first place it would be immoral to do so. And however good we are, an expert can see a Swatch has been repaired by us. We believe this is a good thing. By having your Swatch Repaired by us you acknowledge these facts.

We can not and will not be held liable for anything happening to or with the Swatches prior to entering our workshops and after they leave the workshops. We are fully responsible for anything happening within our store but we cannot accept anything that happens in transit to our place and after we have done our job. Insured shipping is always advised.

If you do not want a repair done

It is possible you do not want your Swatch to be repaired after we quote the costs to you. You are not required to have it repaired. In this case you have two choices: Either we send it to you (you pay the shipping costs) or we discard it for you. We will send you an email with this question and the costs before we discard it. Please be advised if you do not answer our emails nor pay for six months we assume you do not want to pay the return shipping costs and will discard the Swatch for you.

If you do not pay for your repair

Sadly we have had some occasions where customers ordered their Swatch to be repaired but never paid for their repair after we were done. Because of this we now have guidelines for this. We will keep your Swatch free of charge for two months. After that we add 10% to the total costs to be paid for each month we have to keep it. Please be advised if you do not pay for six months we assume you do not want to pay for the repaired Swatch and will discard your Swatch, reuse it, keep it or sell it. On this occasion you are not entitled to any refund at all.