We repair your Swatch watches!

What is happening to Swatch watches?

Plastic-Repair is closing business and everything is for sale, including our Branson Ultrasonic Welding Machine with stock of Gents crystals. As a collector I have had it with the company Swatch and their failing loyalty program and I can use my time and money much better. If you are interested in buying, send me an email. Customers, please do not be worried! All current repairs will be finished and all six Months warranty periods will remain valid.

As a fashion accessory Swatch watches where not made to last forever. Yes, they are Swiss quality and yes, they are well made. They keep time well and can handle a lot of water and shocks. But again, they will not last for ever. Among the initial requirements for this new watch at the end of the seventies was the fact that it should last for about ten years. It clearly outperforms that requirement because in general Swatches do last about twenty years. After that and sometimes earlier things start to go downhill. Since Swatches were issued first in 1982 more and more are seeking help.

Here are descriptions of the things that can and will go wrong.

Your straps will break

Sooner or later you will wear down the original straps. Wear them long enough and they simply break.

Your straps attachment points will break out

The nodges where the straps attach to the case will start to wear and after some time pieces will break out. After even more time it will become impossible to even attach a strap. The breaking of the case is found on weaker colour cases (like orange) earlier than on other colours.

Your battery will run out of power

After three to five years the battery wears out and the watch stops running.

Your battery cover cannot be replaced

After many normal battery replacements or one bad one pieces of the case break off and you will not be able to put the cover back on.

Battery corrosion

If you leave the battery in for too long after it stopped working the battery will leak and corrode inside the battery compartment. It's hard to get out and it will not start up even with a new battery. If other moisture gets into the case the same thing may happen.

Case damage

The case is likely to get scratched and even battered after periods of wear. If it's old enough it will crumble until nothing is left.

Case yellowing

Any transparent or white case is likely to get yellowed after some time, even if not worn and kept out of direct sunlight.

Crystal damage

The crystal is likely to get scratched and even battered after periods of wear. Sporters like golf and tennis players always seem to be able to even break their crystal.

Movement failure

Any Swatch can stop working after some time. The mechanical components have worn down. In some cases the movement is ok but its either dirty or the oil dried out.

Luminous hands falling apart

The fluorescent (glow in the dark) hands are filled with a material that deteriorates after some years. The inside of the hands literally falls apart leaving big holes. The stuff that falls out of the hands will start wandering around the inside of the watch and eventually make it stop working.

Dust around the crystal

Around the crystal is a small slot where dust and other stuff can creep in. After some time it will start to look real nasty.

Special straps break

Straps don't last a lifetime. When they break you want the original ones you had, either repaired or new ones!

Your specific problem

There may be several other problems with your valued timpiece. Don't hesitate to tell us.