We repair your Swatch watches!

Plastic-Repair is for sale

Plastic-Repair is closing business and everything is for sale, including our Branson Ultrasonic Welding Machine with stock of Gents crystals. I had a great time repairing Swatches and I will surely miss it. But I need the time and I fear the new tax rules that start in three months will mean no package can be sent to Plastic Repair from outside the EU without paying lots of VAT and duties. If you are interested in buying, send me an email. Customers, please do not be worried! All current repairs will be finished and all six Months warranty periods will remain valid.

We were the only company in the world repairing Swatch watches.

Items for sale

Alle items have been listed. Do give the pictures some time to load. I have started to sell in pieces, what you don't see anymore is already gone. For the Branson machine you must arrange local pickup. Private sale, no VAT. 12 years of hard work and investments brought together this big chance of continue a Swatch Repair business or enjoy all of it as a collector. Or resell parts and make a great profit.

A Branson Ultrasonics 941ae Welding Machine. This machine was originally bought from Branson by Dan Komar. Low mileage and fully operational. Comes with two horns (Gents and Ladies), two molds to hold the Swatch (Gents and Ladies), operations manual, 900m actuator/power supply, column based setup with safe two hand operation, instructions, horn changing key, 220V European plug, al cables. Extremely heavy industrial machine, use two persons to move. You will use this machine to weld crystals onto cases. Swatch use these machines extensively in their factories. Not to be used in a cold environment. Comes with matching Euro plug compressor.

Check this out and see how this machine is used to weld a new crystal onto an open Swatch case. This is the exact same method Swatch use:

All rights to the domain

Rights to the plastic injection molding mold used to create custom Gents crystals. Complete with transfer of rights and all contact information. Mold is stored and used in China. Made from hardened material and capable of producing ten thousands of Gent crystals.

70 Ladies straps in mint condition, all in basic colours.

18 Scuba rings and one pair of matching straps

48 factory fresh virgin Gents cases, mixed colours.

98 predrilled open Gents cases, many original dummies. Please don't assume any of them will work.

38 unclosed Ladies cases, most of them virgins.

47 empty Irony Automatic cases with crystal and bezel. 43 matching backs to close them. Be warned backs for Irony Automatics are extremely hard to find.

43 miscellaneous flexible straps. Some mint but most in good condition.

Big stack of 85 custom made high quality vinyl Swatch Maxi dials. 7 Oigol Oro by Mimmo Paladino. 23 Limelight Christmas. 8 Mickey by Damien Hirst. 22 Breakdance by the Schmidtmüllers and Keith Haring. 7 Orgy of Life by Keith Haring. 18 Four Flags, recalled.

Plastic Ronda case with 25 broken complete Automatic movements. Plastic Ronda case with 25 broken complete Irony Automatic movements. Bag with 83 broken and incomplete miscellaneous Automatic movements. Bag with 4 broken AutoQuartz movements. Several movements are just not keeping time well. Others just have bent pieces above the stem release button.

69 Kiki Picasso straps.

264 special straps.

135 printed straps.

297 factory dummies.

3 pieces of Stroke Me with the crystal already removed.

3 factory trays with 13 brand new Irony Chrono crystals.

32 opened but not drilled factory dummies.

16 green prototype straps.

Impossible to find Renzo Piano straps.

Bags with plastic buckles and loops. Also parts for Vivienne Westwood Cocotte strap.

These little posts are needed to fit hands onto a true dummy case wihout movement.

Salesman velvet roll with 25 gold plated and silver Swatch case covers.

Battery covers for different types.

Big lot of hands that fit Gents, Ladies, Irony Chrono, Automatics, Ironies etc.

Lots of date rings and day discs.

72 Gents crystals. 6 Gents crystals with lunette. 63 variant Gents crystals a little opaque. 25 Ladies crystals. 5 Skin crystals. 12 Heartstone crystals. 6 rarer crystals (2 Nabab, 2 New Irony Big, New Gent, YOS). 9 Scuba crystals. 41 unknown crystals.

74 Irony Chrono bezels. 32 broken Irony Chrono movements. 73 Irony Chrono crystals. Irony Chrono crystal rings. Chrono dials. Irony buckles. 111 Irony Chrono's for parts. Diaphane Automatic Chrono set not working. Diaphane Chrono sets, working. Irony trash.

Some new Chinese watch movements.

36 Irony small size straps.

43 Irony large size straps.

211 leather straps. High quality original straps. Some of these are from specials, some others are prototypes.

14 brand new transparent Automatic heads, ready to be used as donor.

16 Dummies, some are running ones. 38 Gents with removed crystal, not drilled yet. 12 Ladies with removed crystal, not drilled yet. 3 virgin Pops. Some broken and dummy Ladies. 18 dummies and broken with crystal removed.

14 Left over failures from a project with Charity Water.

These are your money horses. 71 new cases, all drilled and ready to be used. 11 1983 cases. And 12 metalcaps to fit some cases.


You found us!

We are so glad you have found Plastic-Repair! When it comes to repairing your favourite and much loved Swatch watches this is the only place to go. Even Swatch themselves do not offer any repair service. It has taken us much time to master the skills needed to do these kind of repairs. Remember, Swatches were never made to be repaired. In fact they were designed to last at least ten years. In reality they last at least double that so well done Swatch. After that period you go to Plastic-Repair. We'll fix it for you!

Even a rare Swatch like this Kiki Picasso Prototype (1985) wears out after time. Yes, we repair Swatches as rare and valuable as this one! Your precious Swatch is safe with us. We have customers worldwide.

Just have a look around our website. We offer many different repairs, we even offer Swatch parts.

Other languages

Plastic-Repair =

[NL] Reparatie van Swatch uurwerken, wij herstellen uw Swatch horloges.
[DE] Reparatur von Swatch Uhren, wir reparieren ihre Swatch Uhren.
[FR] Réparation des montres Swatch, nous réparons votre horloges Swatch.
[IT] Riparazione di orologi Swatch, ripariamo i suoi orologi Swatch.
[ES] Reparación de relojes Swatch, reparamos sus relojes Swatch.
[CH] 表的维修 SWATCH, 我们修理你的表 SWATCH.
[RU] Ремонт часов Swatch, мы ремонтируем ваши часы Swatch.
[AR] إصلاح ساعات Swatch ، نقوم بإصلاح ساعات Swatch الخاصة بك.
[PO] Reparação de relógios Swatch, nós reparamos os seus relógios Swatch.
[IS] תיקון שעוני Swatch, אנו מתקנים את שעוני הסווטש שלך.
[GR] Επισκευή ρολογιών Swatch, επισκευάζουμε τα ρολόγια Swatch.
[JP] スウォッチ時計の修理、私たちはあなたのスウォッチ時計を修理します。
[AF] Herstel van Swatch-horlosies, ons herstel u Swatch-horlosies.
[FL] Reparaasje fan Swatch-timepieces, wy reparearje jo Swatch-horloazjes.
[IN] स्वाइप घड़ी की मरम्मत, हम आपकी स्वाच घड़ियों की मरम्मत करते हैं।
[ID] Perbaikan jam tangan Swatch, kami memperbaiki jam tangan Swatch Anda.